About Us

The Peace Dove Project organization is an incorporated 501(c) 3 private, non-profit organization. The Peace Dove Project enjoys the support of the Future Children of the World, a not-for-profit organization in Japan, and other private organizations and individuals.

The Project began with the United Nations Association, San Francisco Chapter’s Art Committee in 2013. The founder of the Peace Dove Project, Keiko Nelson, is a visual artist and former member of the United Nations SF Chapter. In 2017 the Peace Dove Project became an independent non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting World Peace through visual arts. Our non-profit organization has the charge of soliciting, receiving and allocating contributions. We are a non-profit organization organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) 3 of the IRS Code, including but not limited to contributions to or for the benefit of The Peace Dove Project.

our mission

The mission of the Peace Dove Project is to promote international goodwill and understanding through the visual arts. We foster active relationships among scholars, educators, scientists, business people and others both locally in the United States and worldwide through cultural exchange and communication between people and countries.


The Peace Dove Project assists the Arts through the following activities:

  • Building membership

  • Fostering community between local and international members

  • Expanding the Peace Dove Project from the San Francisco Bay Area, United States to nationwide and worldwide

  • Developing an international committee to promote the Peace Dove Project


To accomplish this, the Peace Dove Project International seeks support for specific projects and programs in partnership with other organizations.  Learn more about contributing to the Peace Dove Project International by clicking here.